Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Seeing More of NZ - Easter Trip to Cape Reinga

So it struck me that with only a few months left in NZ, I've not played in my own backyard enough. How did it happen that in the last decade, I've not made time to fully appreciate the natural wonders here? As such, I planned a camping trip (or some would say "glamping" since the camp grounds had hot showers) up North to Pukenui and Cape Reinga which I've always wanted to see but never got round to.

I'm so glad I did! The views were simply amazing and reminded me of what I'll be missing when I leave. Below are some of the highlights from my trip :)

90 Mile Beach NZ
Earth meets sky at 90 Mile Beach low tide
Cape Reinga Coastline
Sand dunes beside grassy hills at Cape Reinga

Sunset sky at Cape Reinga NZ
Sunset sky at Cape Reinga

Sunset at Cape Reinga NZ
Stunning sunset at Cape Reinga - in the center you can see the waves from the clash of the Tasman Sea & Pacific Ocean

Cape Reinga Lighthouse
Cape Reinga lighthouse

Henderson Bay Surfers Beach
Henderson Bay - quite a popular surfers beach

View of Matai Bay
Matai Bay is very round so you can see waves at its mouth where the water collides

Rocks along Matai Bay NZ
You can fish off these rocks at Matai Bay

View of Shipwreck Bay NZ
Shipwreck Bay

Panorama of Shipwreck Bay NZ
Low tide at Shipwreck Bay - Panorama

Spirits Bay NZ River
River at Spirits Bay - up ahead is a stunning shell beach